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Stir Crew

begins at 6am

 The stir crew is responsible for stirring all the pots of food stirred to avoid sticking and burning.

Line Crew


Line crew is responsible for assembling the hot meals in to-go boxes for delivery.

Delivery Drivers


Drivers will deliver meals to homes around Wayne County.  Drivers must be a car owner, licensed and insured.

Cleaning Crew


The cleaning crew is responsible for keeping all the dishes washed throughout the day.

Turkey Crew

due 12/23 by 4:00p

The Turkey crew is responsible for cooking and prepping the turkey prior to C2G.  Additional instructions upon registration.

Mashed Potato Crew


The mashed potato crew is responsible for cleaning, peeling, cooking and mashing LOTS of potatoes.

Pre-Cleaning Crew

12/20 & 12/21

The pre-cleaning crew is responsible for making sure the church is clean and prepared for C2G.



Runners will be responsible for getting food heating up in various areas of the church and bringing them to the kitchen.

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